Thanks to Eco Veneta, construction and demolition waste goes back to construction sites for a new adventure

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According to estimates, 90% of construction and demolition waste in Italy is taken to landfills, and secondary raw materials are underused. Recycling C&D waste extends the lifespan of products such as concrete, which are extremely resource-intensive to produce.

Eco Veneta specialises in the collection and recycling of waste from C&D sites in the Italian provinces of Verona, Vicenza, Padova and Rovigo.

The company collects non-hazardous waste such as rubble, sand, earth, asphalt, stones, crushed stone, bricks, plaster, reinforced and non-reinforced concrete, marble and bituminous conglomerate. In its plant, the material is crushed, selected and separated into different granulometric classes.

Main results
  • The aggregates are used in the construction, building and civil engineering sectors (roads, railways, bridges, etc.) or as the main components of concrete, thus preventing the extraction of new rock, sand and gravel from quarries or marine deposits.