Unverpackt – the first packaging-free store in Kiel

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Unverpackt in Kiel opened in 2014, becoming Germany’s first packaging-free store, inspired by similar stores in France and London.

Their goal is to reduce packaging and food waste, and simultaneously motivate customers to reflect on their consumer behaviour. Their long-term goal is to change consumer behaviour so that society rethinks their shopping habits. Their vision is unpacked shopping as an established concept. Products are stored in bulk containers and customers can fill up the needed amount in their containers (avoiding single use packaging). As such, food waste is avoided, as you do not buy more food than you need for your recipe.

Most products are regional, seasonal and organic, and food that has reached its best before date. It is still in good quality and sold to a reduced price, or passed on to food sharing in Kiel, avoiding unnecessary food waste.



Main results
  • Unverpackt has become a pioneer movement in Germany, inspiring other stores to follow their example
  • It initially began with 250 products, but with an increased interest by customers, the store now offers almost 1000 products and has over 10 employees. 
  • It has been the subject of a case study on packaging reduction and avoidance from a zero waste store (in German)
  • Its founders provided seminars for new zero waste stores
  • They also provided an online platform for zero waste store experience exchange in 2016
  • Their work was showcased by Zero Waste Europe; for more info read here and here.