Upcycling and creative recovery by a sustainable enterprise of handicraftswomen

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Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi - Apulia Region)
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ICESP (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)
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ISA (Impresa Sostenibile d'Artigiane) is a sustainable enterprise of craftswomen giving special attention to sustainability in its production chain:

  1. ISA uses production scraps and waste from diverse local companies, preferably chosing natural and ecofriendly products (fabrics from a shirt factory, leather from a sofa factory, wood from a sawmill, clothes, umbrellas, newspapers and books). It employs water-based colours and minimizes the use of glues
  2. For product design it takes inspiration from the Apulian territory (Italy)
  3. Its handicraft production is also innovative: tailoring, carpentry, crochet, and other traditional craft techniques are combined with digital ones (laser cutting, CNC and 3d printer) to minimize scraps, thus improving economic but also environmental sustainability of its products
  4. Fashion accessories (necklaces, earrings, hair bands, bags) and furnishing accessories (paintings, lamps, ornaments) are produced
  5. Furniture and accessories are recovered in a creative way and objects are created on request (from corporate gadgets to signs for restaurants)
  6. ISA is planning to apply for the sustainability certification of its products.
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Main results
  • ISA recovers, reuses and reduces scraps and waste production of local companies, rather than purchasing new products.
  • The local community and schools participate in its activities, thus raising common awareness of social, environmental and economic value of its project, but also of functional and aesthetic results.
  • About fashion and furnishing accessories, their sustainability derives from the use of secondary raw materials and circular eco-design; products are unique thanks to their reduced replicability.
  • ISA is also an opportunity for handicraftswomen to work together and produce income from their manual skills.