VICAT - a key player in construction & deconstruction waste

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Vicat Circulère

VICAT produces materials for the construction sector (cement, concrete, aggregates), based on the view that building should no longer be disconnected from deconstruction. VICAT has therefore rethought its production systems to include local circular economy loops focused on the recovery of local construction & demolition waste, in order to reuse them in cement production processes.

This strategy is proving to be a win-win process for the areas where the company operates:

  • on one side, the local communities and construction companies reduce the quantities of landfilled waste
  • on the other, VICAT factories lower their ecological footprint, thus contributing to mitigating global climate change


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VICAT has already achieved the following successes in France:

  • Over 50% of the energy used in the cement kilns is provided by alternative fuels (such as waste wood). By 2025, VICAT aims to reach 100%.
  • Recovery of 1 000 000 tons per year of inert and non-inert soil in quarries and cement factories
  • End-of-life concrete is used in road sub-layers and as recycled aggregates to produce ready-mix concrete.