From waste water to biofuels: ECO3 bio- and circular economy business area

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Nokia, Tampere, Ylöjärvi
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ECO3 Business Park

EC03 is an innovative, multidisciplinary industrial-scale, bio- and circular economy industrial park of 600 hectares.

Based on the needs and ideas of cooperating companies, universities and public organizations, a new circular innovation ecosystem has been created and continuously developed. A waste recycling plant ‘digests’ materials from both sewage water and biowaste. This material is then turned into biological nutrients for food production, material for green infrastructure, biogas for vehicles and CHP production, and C02 for agricultural production in green houses. With thermal treatment, the waste-water sludge mixed with wood ash is refined as raw material for earthworks.

Main results

ECO3 makes possible the versatile production of renewable energy and bio fuels. The ECO3 area already has biogas production, and local industrial, wood-based and waste water treatment by-products can be utilised to produce heat and biofuels.