When it comes to recycling aluminium, Every Can Counts

Every Can Counts
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Mr. Maarten Labberton & Mr. David Van Heuverswyn, European Aluminium

The “Every Can Counts” programme aims to improve recycling by enabling and encouraging people to recycle drinks cans used outside the home (e.g. workplaces, festivals, tourist locations, etc.).

By providing information materials and practical advice, Every Can Counts is a ‘one stop shop’ to help organisations increase recycling and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Developed and funded by the beverage can manufacturing and recycling industry, there are now Every Can Counts programmes operating across 12 European countries (UK, France, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Montenegro, Serbia, Poland, Belgium).

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  • Recycling performance can be maximised by establishing successful partnerships between metals industry, local authorities, collection partners and major retail and drinks brands.
  • The aluminium beverage can is one of the world’s most popular drinks containers. Europeans use up to 50 billion cans yearly. Recycling helps to save energy and resources.
  • Aluminium is a permanent material, one for which the inherent properties do not change during use and following repeated recycling into new products. Recycling aluminium uses only 5% of the energy needed for the primary production. It takes 60 days for a single aluminium can to be produced, filled, distributed, consumed and recycled into a new can.
  • Encouraging recycling of beverage cans is thus key to achieve the circular economy.