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Many waste operators are looking for new ways to recover the purest and most valuable materials from their waste stream. This is largely with a view to increasing profits, capturing new markets and advancing the circular economy - but other trends are pushing this development too.

Concerns over employee safety and human exposure have become even more critical during the pandemic. More rigorous regulations demand higher recovery rates and purity. Operators are aiming to become more efficient and profitable with around-the-clock operations.

ZenRobotics has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to improve the quality of waste sorting. ZenRobotics' AI-powered robot technology is used at its material recovery facilities (MRFs) to capture valuable high-purity materials from waste streams in construction and demolition, commerce and industry, and municipal solid waste.

These AI-powered robots can recognise and sort waste fractions of various shapes, weights and sizes from light packaging waste to big and bulky objects from construction sites. The robots sort materials like plastics, metals, wood and fibres. These recovered high-purity fractions can then be converted into high-quality secondary raw materials in line with the circular economy.

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ZenRobotics’ artificial intelligence-based robot technology improves the cost-efficiency and recovery rate of waste sorting:

  • It makes recycling more accurate, profitable and safe
  • By automating the waste sorting process, waste operators can significantly increase plant efficiency and save costs
  • By training AI-powered robots to recognise an unlimited number of high-value fractions, operators can boost their recovery and purity rates
  • By putting tireless robot sorters on the job, operators can move their employees to less risky and more productive tasks.