Zona Urbana's unique design products with recycled materials

Zona Urbana wallet
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Zona Urbana is a fashion company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 2004, it has been manufacturing products using recycled materials. This includes design and production of bags or wallets, for instance.

Zona Urbana seeks to produce each item with its own unique style, by finding creativity in materials such as old newspapers, magazines, supermarket product labels, maps, among many others. The company's catalogue of products has already included a handbag made out of a mix of space comics from 1986 and 1930s music scores, or a 95% recycled wallet made of vintages maps of Sofia.

Main results
  • Handcrafted fashion items are almost entirely created from a variation of recycled materials.
  • Items have been recycled to produce a wide range of products (e.g. newspapers, any carton containing information, maps).
  • Over 15 different bag and 10 wallet styles are available in the catalogue.