Global Resources Outlook 2024: Bend the trend - pathways to a liveable planet as resource use spikes

Global Resources Outlook 2024

Bend the trend - UNEP
International Resource Panel
Publication Date
March, 2024
Other (United Nations)
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The 2024 edition of the Global Resources Outlook, from the International Resource Panel, shows that it is both possible and profitable to decouple economic growth from environmental impacts and resource use. It sheds light on how resources are essential to the effective implementation of the Agenda 2030 and multilateral environmental agreements to tackle the triple planetary crisis.

It is to be noted that the circular models to be followed are not just about recycling, but about keeping materials in use for as long as possible, and rethinking how goods as well as services are designed and delivered, thereby creating new business models.

The report also describes the potential to turn negative trends around and put humanity on a trajectory towards sustainability.