How to procure circular - Lessons learned from 30 procurement pilots

How to procure circular - Lessons from 30 pilot procurements

Lessons from 30 pilot procurements
Camilla Sandberg (Bax & Company)
Gerard Don (Bax & Company)
Sebastiaan van Herk (Bax & Company)
Publication Date
April, 2023
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This report aims to inspire and show procuring organisations and their agents, management and sustainability managers examples of opportunities for circular procurement. The report targets the main sectors of ProCirc's activities, including furniture, construction, waste, ICT and textiles.

The report puts forward five recommendations:

  1. Dare to try: start, learn and adjust.
  2. Find the balance: push the market and encourage development during the contract.
  3. Create alignment: link the organisation’s goals to the procurement practices.
  4. Appreciate innovation: dedicate sufficient time and resources to finding new solutions.
  5. Use existing knowledge: network, tools and experience sharing.

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