Be a Food Waste Warrior - join the FOODRUS Day on 17-26 November!

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Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain, Bulgaria and Online
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On 17–26 November 2023, the #FoodWasteWarriors campaign under the FOODRUS project will host multiple events in various European countries.

What is FOODRUS and why a FOODRUS Day? FOODRUS is working to tackle food waste and losses by creating resilient food systems across nine European regions. To achieve this, the project is testing circular solutions through diverse forms of collaborative innovation, including:

  • technological (blockchain solutions to manage food losses and waste)
  • social (educational materials and citizen science activities to promote sustainable consumption habits)
  • organisational (last mile networks to foster local consumption and donation), and
  • fiscal (new ‘Pay As You Throw’ schemes).

These innovative solutions will empower and engage all actors in local food systems, from farmers to end-consumers and everyone in between, to build a multi-actor alliance to tackle the challenge of food loss and waste.

In this framework, the pan-European #FoodWasteWarriors campaign started in June until December 2023. Developed by Greenovate!Europe (G!E) and FOODRUS partners, it aims to enlighten consumers about food value and losses.

The campaign consists of three main pillars:

  1. The #FoodWasteWarriors article series highlighting the FOODRUS pilots and associated regions that fight against food waste across the food value chain.
  2. A Social Media Competition on LinkedIn, where users can vote for their favorite FOODRUS innovative solution and enter a raffle to win a Food Waste Warrior Kit.
  3. The FOODRUS Day, that celebrates multiple events during the European Week for Waste Reduction all over Europe.


  • Belgium: G!E will host a FOODRUS stand at Silversquare Bailli, Brussels, presenting the FOODRUS ACR+ aims to raise awareness among restaurant clients with flyers, roll-ups, and various FOODRUS project materials.
  • Denmark: JESPERS will conduct a video event with chefs addressing food waste dilemmas and sharing initiatives for reduction.
  • Greece: The Municipality of Halandri in Athens will host a zero-waste cooking event to promote awareness, featuring FOODRUS brochures and solution flyers.
  • Hungary: NFCSO‘s Local Replication Workshop in Budapest will showcase FOODRUS solutions, including thematic workshops on FoodLoopApp, composting, and e-learning interfaces.
  • Slovakia: The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA) will set up a FOODRUS stand and panel discussion, showcasing the projects solutions in Bratislava and at the university canteen.
  • Bulgaria: The Municipality of Plovdiv will hold a replication workshop with students.
  • Spain: The Asociacion de la Industria Navarra (AIN) will inform and raise awareness about the FOODRUS among AIN and other enterprises, workers and external people who attend training courses at AIN facilities. ELIKA carries out food, loss and waste awareness activities for the Horeca & retail sectors at a regional level. HAZI will run workshops, engaging children against food waste in three farm schools. Behargintza will inform about the FOODRUS project and the solutions developed, and raise awareness among its employees and throughout the week among the users of its services.
  • Online: The University of Copenhagen in Denmark invites participants to a food upcycling meeting, providing insights into maximizing biomass use. This collective effort aims to combat food waste, sharing insights, and solutions across borders, creating a united front gathering many #FoodWasteWarriors all over Europe.

The FOODRUS Day and all its events are part of the European Week of Waste Reduction 2023 (EWWR).