Breakfast at Sustainability's: Fostering the Circular Food Economy through Stronger Rural-Urban Linkages

Breakfast at Sustainabilitiy's
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The ICLEI Europe Brussels Office organises a series of meetings called Breakfast at Sustainability's (B@S), hosted by local, regional and national governments represented in Brussels. They take place multiple times per year and focus on Europe’s leading, ongoing urban sustainability discussions, among them the circular economy.

The 29th Breakfast at Sustainability's entitled Fostering the circular food economy through stronger rural-urban linkages will be hosted by ICLEI and the Flemish Land Agency in Brussels, on 11 April 2019, in the context of the H2020 ROBUST: Unlocking Rural-Urban Synergies project.

The event will be trying to answer the following question: How can we stregthen rural-urban linkages to improve city-region synergies and sustainability, support rural economies, and promote a circular food economy?

EESC member Peter Schmidt will be among the key speakers at the event, setting the stage for the panel discussions.