Circular Economy and Private Sector Development: a Learning Series

The 4th session of the World Bank learning series Circular economy & emerging technologies aims to address the emerging technologies most frequently embraced by industries that can be catalytic enablers for new disruptive business models and facilitate the required fast pace for the transformation to CE. The objectives are:

  • Obtain insights into the analytical and industry overview on the importance of emerging technologies for CE
  • Learn about how industries are leveraging key technologies to promote CE
  • Understand how tech providers are helping companies enable CE in their products
  • Learn how enabling environment is working with industries to help promote CE practices
  • Gain insights into how entrepreneurs in developing countries have used digitalization to promote CE.

Global leaders, scientists, researchers and relevant stakeholders from industry are invited to share experiences, discuss challenges and report state-of-art and in-progress research in the intersection of ICT and CE. More information.

Register for the event taking place on 16 November 2020 at 9.00 a.m. (EST, GMT -05:00).