ECO-Med 2019: Sicily hosts its first Green Expo on the circular economy

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Water, waste, energy, environment monitoring and protection, sustainable mobility
From 11 to 13 April 2019, the Sicilian city of Catania hosts ECO-Med 2019, its first Green Expo on the circular economy from a Mediterranean perspective. ECO-Med intends to gather all circular economy sectors in a single platform: from re-use to recovery of materials and energy following a holistic logic of full sustainability. ECO-Med is a bridge between Southern Italy and coastal Mediterranean countries.
During the event, participants can visit the expo stands, and also discuss the following subjects:
  • water (research, new paradigms for waste water management, energy and raw and secondary material recovery, etc.)
  • waste (knowledge, patents, equipment, collection, transport, treatment, re-use, recycling, recovery, upcycling, industrial symbiosis, bioeconomy, etc.)
  • energy (as an enabling and growth factor, increase of energy production from local renewable sources in view of an improved energy self-sufficiency and efficiency, decarbonisation of economic system, etc.)
  • environment monitoring and protection (recovery of contaminated areas, quality tourism, etc.), and
  • sustainable mobility (research in the fields of automotive technological innovation and sustainability, etc.).
    On 12 April, a session of ECO-Med (between 2.30 till 7.00 p.m.) will focus on waste, and particularly on "The Circular Economy: perspectives for a Mediterranean-oriented development model". EESC member Antonello Pezzini will present his report on "The Circular Economy in the new EU framework", followed by a presentation by Laura Cutaia (ENEA) on the role of ENEA within the European actions for the transition to the circular economy. 

    For more information on ECO-Med please click here.