Electronics Goes Green 2024

Electronics Goes Green 2024 is a conference geared to the growing global community of scientists, product developers, business managers and policymakers working on environmentally benign processes, products, systems and business models in and for the electronics and ICT industry.

Emerging technologies require critical raw materials, exotic new composites and adapted recycling processes, and the ICT industry will have to integrate circular strategies into its toolbox as part of its drive towards sustainability.

The conference will be covering the following topics:

  • Environmental effects of mature, as well as emerging technologies and materials
  • Life Cycle Assessment (data) of specific electronic components
  • LCA data management along the supply chain
  • Fair, clean and conflict-free electronics
  • Circular economy strategies

The conference will take place in English on 18-20 June in Berlin, Germany. You can choose to participate either in person or online. Registration.