EU Circular Talks - Circular and Fair Business Models

The circular economy has become one of the core components of the necessary transition to a more sustainable society. Join the Junior Enterprise Europe (JEE), EU Chapter of the Club of Rome (CoR-EU), European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and the Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) in this online event on the opportunities of the circular economy, its possible blindspots, and explore how best to promote the proliferation of business models in the EU that are both circular and fair.


  • Welcome by moderator - Sergi Corbalán, Fair Trade Advocacy Office
  • Circular Economy, key concepts - Anders Wijkman, Club of Rome
  • Environmental and social blindspots of circular business models - Natalia Papu Carrone, Circle Economy
  • How can we promote young entrepreneurs to set up circular and fair business models across the EU? - Tatiana Guedes, Junior Enterprises Europe
  • What can the EU do? - Jean Pierre Schweitzer, European Environmental Bureau

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