First CCRI General Conference "From vision to reality: Cities and regions drive forward Europe's circular transition"

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Hosted by the European Commission on 8 November in Brussels and online, the first Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) General Conference From vision to reality: Cities and regions drive forward Europe's circular transition will provide a forum for all circular economy stakeholders to come together to discuss circular solutions at local and regional level.

The Conference will be an opportunity to draw inspiration from other EU cities and regions and talk with stakeholders. It will explore themes such as coupling circularity with climate and environmental challenges, financing the circular economy and engaging with stakeholders, as well as how the CCRI can support the circular economy in collaboration with CCRI projects and associated partners.

This event will be a unique opportunity for policymakers, business leaders and circular economy experts from across Europe to:

  • explore ways of putting circular visions into effect in cities and regions,
  • share relevant information with policymakers implementing circular economy initiatives at local and regional level,
  • learn from experts on the benefits of a circular economy at local/regional level.

There will also be an exhibition where participants can explore and learn more about the CCRI and its partners.

On 9 November, CCRI stakeholders will be invited to attend the second CCRI Coordination and Support Workshop where they will be able to take part in a matchmaking experiment.

More details about the Conference programme are available on the event page.

Registration is now open! The deadline for in-person registration (subject to approval due to capacity constraints) is 2 November, while registration for online participation will remain open beyond this date.