Re-think Circular Economy Forum - Taranto

The Re-think Circular Economy Forum in Taranto will examine macro-trends, possible evolutionary paths and the main circular economy projects at national and international level.

The main purpose of the event is to foster innovative and entrepreneurial activities, especially in the Taranto area, and to have a positive impact on the local and national economic system. The event in Taranto will focus on three areas:

  • Energy transition and renewable energy: Emerging technologies and trends in the energy field that use new energy sources such as the possibilities offered by biofuels, biogas, hydrogen and other forms of renewable energy to promote sustainable mobility;
  • Circular ports: Emerging technologies and trends that transform ports into places where the circular economy can be implemented by directly managing the various materials and encouraging a circular approach to ship management;
  • Environmental management and waste: Technologies and trends that promote environmental and ecosystem recovery, the management of plastic and tyre waste and activities that support biodiversity recovery.

Parallel to the main event, further initiatives will be organised with the aim of involving the university world and enhancing youth entrepreneurship:

  • Innovation call: Pitching session for national start-ups operating in the three macro thematic areas covered during the event (Energy transition, Circular ports, Waste management)
  • Hackathon: Groups of university students from Puglia will be able to develop project proposals for implementing circular economy principles in the following areas: Sustainable tourism, Sustainable agriculture and Circular ports.

The event will take place on 28 and 29 September 2021 at the Aragonese Castle and the Taranto Campus of the University of Bari. The entire event can be followed online. You can register via this link.