Resilient and sustainable cities: Circular cities

Resilient and sustainable cities: Circular Cities
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Over the years, the resilience of cities has been tested countless times in the face of natural, industrial or health disasters, the year 2020 being a special example in this respect. Last year brought with it, in addition to the already existing environmental and resource crisis, a major health crisis, the covid-19 pandemic, which has quickly become an unexpected but systemic problem for cities around the world.

Moreover, the way in which cities consume on a daily basis non-renewable resources, contributing to the carbon footprint, is unfortunately well known and recognized internationally. However, the circular economy can be part of the solution to all the challenges that cities will face in the future in order to acquire a sustainable way of functioning.

The conference ”Resilient and sustainable cities: Circular cities” aims to explore over the course of two days what the recent covid-19 crisis has taught us about urban resilience and how we can use these lessons to design the circular cities of the future. Blue and green infrastructure, urban regeneration, smart cities - these are all subjects to be tackled by various experts in the field and debated in Q&A sessions.

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