Webinar on Consumption Footprint: assessing the environmental impact of the consumption patterns

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The European Commission organizes a webinar (available by clicking here) on 23 February, from 14:00 to 15:15 CET, to present the Consumption Footprint, a life cycle assessment-based indicator that quantifies the environmental impact of the consumption of the EU as a whole and of EU countries.

The granularity and level of detail of the indicator allows the Consumption Footprint to support the achievement of the European Green Deal ambitions through monitoring, hotspot identification and testing scenarios. As an indicator of the 8th Environment Action Programme and Circular Economy Monitoring Frameworks, the Consumption Footprint helps pave the way towards a systemic and holistic assessment of the transition to sustainable production and consumption patterns, as called for by the European Green Deal.

The webinar presents the Consumption Footprint indicator, the associated Consumption Footprint Platform and Member States - Consumption Footprint Tool, and case studies of the application of the Consumption Footprint to country scale. The latest Science for Policy and Technical JRC reports regarding the consumption footprint methodology and results will also be presented.

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