Call for proposals: Promoting Ecolabels and Sustainable Public Procurement in the Building and Construction Sector

On behalf of the Consumer Information Programme of the One Planet Network (OPN) and the EcoAdvance project, the United Nations Environment Programme is pleased to announce a new call for proposals.

This initiative seeks to enhance the adoption of ecolabels and foster sustainable and circular public procurement as key strategies for advancing climate mitigation, biodiversity conservation and resource protection within the building and construction sector.

It aims to: 

  • apply good practices related to the use of ecolabels in sustainable and circular public procurement,  
  • develop ambitious ecolabel criteria (linked to climate change, biodiversity protection and resource conservation),  
  • improve policy and legal frameworks,  
  • enhance knowledge management and increase stakeholder engagement.

This call for proposals is designed to empower projects in developing countries and emerging economies (excluding Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Mexico, where EcoAdvance is already being implemented on a regional basis) that are contributing to sustainable and circular practices in the building and construction industry.

The deadline for submission is 12 April 2024