Chemical recycling system converts non-recyclable waste into high value-added additives

Aimplas coordinated the European Life Ecomethylal Project, which has ended with the construction of a plant capable of converting one kilo of non-recyclable waste into half a kilo of methylal, a substance that can be used as a solvent and as a raw material to produce new plastics.

In chemical recycling, one type of thermal cracking is known as the catalytic hydro-gasification plasma (CHGP) process. It can be used to recover a type of plastic waste that previously ended up in landfills and which can now be used as solvents and as raw materials for producing new plastics. The process is particularly effective at recovering waste from the automotive, electrical and electronic, and packaging industries.

The advantages of the new pilot plant include the fact that it is mobile and modular, can be easily transported and assembled, and can be adapted to different kinds of waste.

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