The Commission is consulting the general public and stakeholders on the Ship Recycling Regulation

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21 Mar 2023
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The European Commission has launched an online public consultation on the evaluation of the Ship Recycling Regulation that will run until 7 June 2023. 

Since 2013, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation has provided a regulatory framework for the recycling of EU-flagged ships. It acts as a benchmark for ship recycling legislation around the world. Most ships are built with materials that are suitable for recycling. When ships are dismantled, steel, other scrap metals and various types of equipment become available and can be reused.

Many ships, however, are dismantled outside the EU, under conditions that are often harmful to workers' health and the environment. This evaluation aims to:   

  • assess how well the regulation has been applied and its impact to date 
  • assess how well it contributes to the general policy objectives of the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan 
  • identify shortcomings in its implementation and enforcement. 

Depending on the findings of the evaluation, the Commission may then take steps to revise the regulation

Safe and environmentally sound ship recycling requires the involvement of a wide range of actors, from shipowners to recyclers, from brokers to industry, from national governments to third-country authorities, and from NGOs to individuals.

Take part in the online consultation.

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