EU Green Claims Directive: Tackling greenwashing - a podcast

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12 Feb 2024

Difficult to get people to go green when they don't trust companies' claims about how green their products are...

The Commission is doing something about this: the EU Green Claims Directive regulates claims and requires companies to provide proof that what they say is accurate.

In this podcast epsiode, The Conference Board, an international, nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank with expertise in economic indicators, sustainability, corporate philanthropy, social responsibility, education, diversity & inclusion, and sustainable capitalism, talks to Malgorzata Golebiewska, Team Leader for Environmental Footprint & Green Claims in the European Commission's DG Environment.  They explore the Green Claims Directive and its goal of preventing greenwashing and rebuilding consumer trust.

Malgorzata Golebiewska is responsible for preparing and negotiating this Directive. It aims to help combat greenwashing, laying down requirements on how to substantiate environmental claims and introducing rules on environmental labelling schemes. In this episode, the Conference Board and the Commission discuss the extent of greenwashing in the EU, just how important it is to rebuild consumer trust and help consumers make more sustainable choices, and the role of labels such as the EU Ecolabel.

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