Riihimäki's circular economy roadmap

Publication Date
May, 2019
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Jenni Takala
Hanna Eskelinen

In the framework of the CIRCWASTE project, coordinated by SYKE (Finnish Environment Institute), pioneering municipalities have developed local circular economy (CE) roadmaps in 2019.

The town of Riihimäki, already a member of FISU (Finnish Sustainable Communities), a network of Finnish municipalities committed to becoming waste-free, has adopted a CE roadmap focusing on the participation of local actors.

The roadmap covers five themes:

  1. Carbon neutral energy production and consumption
  2. Sustainable circulation and ecologically efficient town structure
  3. Sustainable consumption of natural resources and CE
  4. Diversity of nature and comfortable living environment
  5. Inhabitant responsibility.

The Riihimäki roadmap also includes commitments to CE by local companies and communities.