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Meet Econyl®, the high quality regenerated nylon yarn

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Italy, Slovenia

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Circular Change, Slovenia
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Used nylon, mainly from the fishing industry, is reprocessed and turned into an innovative ecological material: the econyl. Used fishing nets are gathered and brought to the plant in Ajdovščina, Slovenia, where they are reprocessed and sold for further usage. The Econyl regeneration system recovers waste which would otherwise end up in landfills or oceans (fishing nets), causing serious damage to the entire ecosystem and can be regenerated an infinite number of times to produce new polymers with technical characteristics and quality equivalent to products obtained from fossil materials.

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A high-quality product with low environmental impact: Nylon 6 from 100% regenerated waste materials. The sale of econyl now represents 20% of Aquafil's total sales, compared to 10% in 2014.