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Cradle-to-grave recycling process at Mosca GmbH

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Mosca GmbH
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Mosca Packaging Solutions

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Mosca's PET strap is made from 100% recycled material: the so-called "bottle flakes" are a result of recycled plastic bottles coming from the empties of discounters. After processing, the recyclable raw material becomes a premium new product: depending on the width, the mostly green-coloured PET strap withstands loads between 180 and 600 kg. The waste or scrap material automatically generated during production is again returned for re-use via a shredding system.

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  • According to a statement by the recycling service provider Interseroh, the use of the recycled material saves about 85 % of the CO2 emissions compared with primary processes – these are about 2.5 t of CO2 per t of produced material as opposed to the use of virgin material;
  • The savings made over a year are equivalent to the annual amount of CO2 filtrated from the air by a 500 ha forest.