Rue Rangoli: where "fight against exclusion” rhymes with “sustainable development”

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Rue Rangoli is a French social enterprise that supports social organisations involved in upcycling or zerowaste and the design circular economy, based in Europe, Africa and Asia. It works with them to make this emerging inclusive and innovative economy sustainable. Its partners include NGOs, social enterprises, women's communities, foundations, refugees and people with disabilities.

Rue Rangoli puts their products on the marketplace and manages a shop dedicated to upcycling and social design in the centre of Paris. Its concept is to bring old hand-made know-how into line with consumer needs, high quality, design and appealing products. It also runs workshops and conferences to make consumers aware of the need to be more responsible in how they consume. 

Main results

Rue Rangoli:

  • works with more than 20 organisations from all over the world, with a direct impact on more than 300 artisans; 
  • offers a very broad range of products;
  • has targeted more than 3000 consumers with its products and actions.

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