With b:bot, plastic bottle recycling counts twice

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b:bot is an educational concept aimed at raising awareness and encouraging recycling. Based on a circular economic model that combines ecology and economy, it is a machine and digital ecosystem dedicated to the collection of PET plastic bottles - with a real social and environmental impact.

Each bottle collected is sorted and shredded into plastic flakes. The storage capacity is 3 000 bottles, taking up less than 1 m2 in order to optimise their recycling and resale.

For each bottle inserted into b:bot, consumers get some points or cents: they can choose either a) to collect these points on their fidelity card, b) to print a ticket for a corresponding sum which can be spent in the supermarket or else c) to donate this sum to a charity.

b:bot is totally self-financed thanks to the resale of the plastic flakes to beverage manufacturers who use them as raw materials for new bottles and containers.

Main results
  • A total of 12 machines have been put into service in major retail chains in the Ile de France and Normandy regions (E. Leclerc, Système U, Les mousquetaires, Monoprix and Auchan). 
  • Since their installation at the end of August 2019, by mid-2020 b:bot had collected more than 580 000 plastic bottles - equivalent to approximately 17,5 tonnes of PET plastic ready for recycling.