Enrich: compost - circular economy in action

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Enrich Environmental (Enrich) is a composting plant based in Ireland, Co. Meath. Enrich manufactures organic compost in an open windrow system using source segregated green waste such as garden clippings and landscaping materials. Enrich's organic compost is certified by the Irish Organic Association (License no. 7614) and manufactured from previously approved green material collected from licensed recycling facilities and depots. Over a number of years, Enrich has developed a wide range of landscaping, agriculture and urban soil products incorporating compost from green waste.

Enrich specialises in topsoil manufacturing and develops a range of soil blends, such as lightweight soils for green roof applications (SuDS), bioretention soils, urban tree soils and peat-free ericaceous soils. The company's vision is to use materials often seen as “waste” as a resource in the manufacture of greener soil applications. Enrich also specialises in the in-vessel composting of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW), a material that is currently usually destined for landfill. Over the past 10 years, Enrich has been engaging with third-level institutions and governmental bodies.

Main results
  • Diverting organic waste from landfill and recycling it into high-quality compost;
  • Contribute to improved soil health and sustainability by increasing soil water holding capacity, nutrient retention, soil carbon sequestration and beneficial micro-organisms;
  • Add value to manufactured soils and improve poor performing soils;
  • Contribute to the circular economy, transforming biowaste into resources that can replace fossil/natural resources;
  • Carbon Credits: Applying compost rich in recalcitrant carbon (around 100 kg per tonne) to soil creates a carbon sink - reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Compost contains up to 375 kg of carbon-dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) per tonne of compost - reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Compost used to remediate mine tailings and bauxite residue deposits.