Alchemia-nova: treating waste water using green walls

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Alchemia-nova, the Institute for innovative phytochemistry and closed loop processes, has collaborated with vertECO, GRETA and LooPi on three projects to develop green walls, which treat wastewater to service water standards and create plant biomass and fertiliser.

  • vertECO is an indoor/outdoor green wall which treats greywater and segregated blackwater to the standard required for service water via an integrated vertical constructed wetland.
  • GRETA is a modular façade panel, containing special plant species which treat rainwater and greywater to the standard required for service water. GRETA is compatible with PV systems, and so energy can be generated on the building façade as well.
  • LooPi is a nature-based toilet. It is based on an integrated vertical constructed wetland which treats the water used to flush a public unisex urinal. Once treated, the water can be sent around the loop again. After microbial breakdown, the plants and an integrated biochar filter absorb the nutrients contained in urine.
Main results
  • vertECO's green wall treats greywater in accordance with European and Spanish regulations for service water.
  • GRETA treats rainwater and greywater in accordance with European, Austrian and Spanish regulations for service water.
  • The LooPi prototype will be rolled out in Vienna, Austria in spring 2021.