Circular Schools Programme (PEC by INEC)


The National Institute for Circular Economy (INEC) is launching the Circular Schools Programme (PEC), an operational project aimed at making schools a model for the circular economy.

2020 is the year of collective awareness of the need to resolve the tensions that weigh on our resources. This need is mainly reflected in the adoption of theanti-waste law for a circular economy in France and the Green Deal at the European level.

Today, it is a question of moving from a concept to an operational project. And the Circular Schools Programme is part of this process. It is a program bringing together public and private players around the project to make schools a display of the circular economy.

The programme aims to develop a system of reference for existing solutions for the circular economy. This system could be integrated into a school and used to build a model to present at the "Salon des Maires" end of November. This exemplary programme for public procurement covers a wide range of possible actions to be carried out in terms of the circular economy on several themes around schools: building, energy, development, the food loop, maintenance, supplies, logistics, awareness and waste management.

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