Copa-Cogeca shares its members' initiatives on tackling food waste during the COVID-19 crisis


Copa-Cogeca is sharing the initiatives of its members that demonstrate the many actions taken by EU farmers and cooperatives to deal with the Covid-19 crisis. These measures are having a positive impact on reducing surpluses and food waste, and consist mainly of 3 developments:

  • an increase in deliveries directly from primary producers to customers’ homes, in order to overcome interruptions in distribution and the closure of the hospitality sector
  • an increase in donations in favour of families and people in need, whose demand is growing strongly due to the economic crisis affecting more and more diverse sections of the population
  • research into alternative uses for agricultural products that would otherwise go unsold.

The initiatives from some of Copa-Cogeca's members on how to tackle food waste during the COVID-19 crisis have been published in the newsletter of the European Platform of Food Losses and Food Waste (March and April 2020 editions).

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