Ccrave: a circular lifestyle platform offering more than just the shopping experience

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What is Ccrave? A content and ecommerce platform all in one, with a focus on waste-based and zero-waste products in the home, fashion and lifestyle categories.

Design x Circularity. Ccrave brings European circular lifestyle brands together to boost their business while creating inspiring and educational content. The circular economy is still relatively new as a mainstream concept, and many consumers struggle to find trustworthy, sustainable, nicely designed and circular brands. Ccrave aims to bridge that gap.

What can customers expect from Ccrave? On the website, customers will find circular and sustainable products that are zero waste or made from waste and recycled materials, without compromising on the quality, durability or design of the product.

Examples include Paper on the Rocks, a nature-friendly stationery brand that creates notebooks made out of stone waste; Komrads, a shoe brand that creates sustainable sneakers out of apple waste; and Pierre Sports, a sports brand with yoga mats mixing recycled rubber and traditional natural Portuguese cork.

All the circular brands and products are carefully curated via Ccrave’s vetting process, which investigates the manufacturing methods, material sourcing and production operations, including social fairness. Customers will find original editorials by Ccrave, focusing on various circular economy topics and based on three pillars: Circular Stories, Industry Insights and Circular Guides. Informative and educational content is a big part of Ccrave’s push towards the circular economy, and include a variety of content formats, such as podcasts and vodcasts.

Main results
  • Circular brands that partner with Ccrave have their products showcased on Ccrave’s platform, as well as a dedicated brand page that shares the brand’s story and explains their circular components. The European exposure on Ccrave will help to boost sales and increase brand awareness, by gathering a solid community with the same values and concerns about how we consume and produce nowadays.
  • Ccrave is building a circular ecosystem in Portugal and beyond to connect circular designers and suppliers with existing circular brands or linear brands that want to go circular. Having secured their pre-seed funding from Portugal Ventures, Ccrave is now ready to accelerate.