Circular watches from Circular Clockworks

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Ceriel Lucker

In cooperation with Renewi and Coolrec, Circular Clockworks has launched the 'Circular Watch'. It is made from raw materials provided by Renewi, such as secondary plastic granules produced from recycled electronic and electrical appliances. Black watches are based on materials from recycled televisions, and white ones are made from recycled fridges, while the leather straps come from left-over materials from shoe manufacturing processes. The only new part is the timepiece itself.

The purchase of a watch earns consumers 'Circular Coins', i.e. vouchers which can be used in payment for repair and maintenance services. The company also buys the watch back when it has reached its end of use.

Circular Clockworks' mission is to give recycled plastics a high-quality image, showing that consumer products made from recycled materials can be of high quality.

Main results

Circular Clockworks: 

  • presented its Circular Watch at Dutch Design Week 2017,
  • was placed on the Netherlands' list of 100 young leaders in sustainability (Duurzame Jonge), the DJ100.
  • for the last three years, has taken part in The Netherlands' "Sustainable Tuesday" (Duurzame Dinsdag),
  • launched a new model with an improved design in 2019.