CISUFLO: minimising the environmental impact of the EU flooring sector


The project, funded under Horizon 2020, aims to develop a systemic circular approach to floor coverings.

CISUFLO (CIrcular SUstainable FLOor coverings) starts by taking into account the challenges facing the flooring sector, and then factors in all aspects related to the entire value chain and to the products’ full life cycle (including business models, collection schemes, etc.).

Through six pilot projects, it will create new circular floor coverings, improve the recyclability of the materials currently used, and encourage the sector to adopt a circular model.

The pilot projects focus on three specific materials: wood, vinyl and textiles. The goal is to minimise their environmental impact by improving sorting, recycling and reuse. Cooperation with other sectors (such as furniture, construction and plastics) will be emphasised, to make sure the scope and impact of the proposed changes are all-encompassing and do not remain isolated efforts.

To engage a broader range of stakeholders and ensure uptake beyond the project, CISUFLO has established a Transition Support Group (TSG) with over 30 members covering technology providers, retailers and collectors. Furthermore, thanks to the ePRODIS integrated information system, which serves as an extended product information software, CISUFLO products, equipped with a tag and electronic passport, will be easy to identify and sort.

Main results
  • Product information system (ePRODIS) available via app
  • Implementation and evaluation of the six pilot projects
  • Definition of a circular business model and circular transformation plan
  • Cross-sectoral cooperation with other sectors and projects
  • New design for circular floor covering products (including vinyl, laminate, textile and biobased)
  • New installation system and recovery technologies
  • Innovative sorting and separation technologies for flooring materials and sustainability assessment
  • Innovative circular business models and plans
  • Delamination/separation process for multilayer flooring products
  • Defibring process + reuse of recycled wood fibres for High Density Fibre and Medium Density Fibreboard
  • Systemic Transition support tool