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Citizen participation and circular economy: a Pilot project in the City Hall of Valladolid

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01/2018 to 12/2018
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Pilot project in the City Hall of Valladolid (La Victoria neighborhood), involving public-private collaboration: the City Council and Ecoembes. To a lesser extent, Ecovidrio and an organization for the collection of textiles will also collaborate.

The objective of the project is to reach 60 % of recycling in a year (ahead of the targets set for 2030). There has been a process of citizen participation with representation of various neighborhood groups such as neighborhood associations, AMPAS, merchants, etc.

EcIn this process, several measures and actions have been proposed in several areas of the circular economy: prevention, waste recycling and information and incentive systems. Once the proposals were compiled, they were presented to the City Council for approval and implementation. In summary, the project involves initiatives related to information, education and training.

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Some of the results include:

  • implantation of the yellow container;
  • installation of yellow, blue and brown wastebaskets in public buildings;
  • installation of clothing containers;
  • implementation of the HORECA collection;
  • reinforcement of the collection of organic matter;
  • information patrols;
  • training in schools, hotels, neighborhoods;
  • exchange of knowledge.