Community reuse center Baterkáreň brings life to the circular economy principles

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Baterkáreň is the first reuse center in Slovakia. As a social enterprise, it prioritises the social and environmental impact of its actions. Its activities are as broad as sustainability itself. Its mission is to make sustainability (circular economy principles and associated environmental protection) accessible to the general public, in order to render communities capable to adapt as effectively as possible to the potential impacts of climate change in the area.

In the name of the circular economy principles, Baterkáreň:

  • runs a package-free drugstore
  • organises webinars, workshops and lectures (on minimalism, emissions, production of cleaning products, composting, etc.)
  • provides knowledge
  • supports other initiatives and creators
  • organises financial and material collections
  • shows communities that every item has its own value - by swapping clothes, books, plants, decorations, household goods, etc.
  • creates educational modules for children and adults on this topic
  • gives lectures in schools and universities
  • supports volunteering and active citizenship in the region
  • shares awareness, policy updates and examples of good practice.
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  • combines CE expertise with solutions
  • is an active provider of sustainable tools and tips to the general public as climate change raises many questions
  • also features 15 regular volunteers in its team, giving them the opportunity to grow (through social media, blogs..).


  • recovery of more than 2500 plastic containers (500 kg plastic waste)
  • re-use of more than 2000 household items, 7000 pieces of clothing, and decorations, 1000 books, 2000 toys
  • 500 consumers served per month
  • organisation of more than 40 swap events, regular support groups, and book clubs, 10 courses, 20 online courses and webinars, 15 interviews, reading to children and competitions.

Baterkáreň's unique concept has managed to survive global pandemics.