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Convert is a start-up company founded in 2018 as a joint venture between Kvadrat and Moellerup Estate. It works to support UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.


  • explores how natural sustainable resources can be used to form new products and seeks to reduce the amount of waste on earth through recycling and upcycling.
  • makes every fibre matter by providing industrial solutions for customers looking to utilise waste fibres as non-woven material.
  • processes bio- and waste fractions. Waste is upcycled at Convert in a one-stop-shopping concept from scrap to high-value new products ready to use.
  • processes consist of shredding, fibre treatment, airlaid forming (CAFT - Carding Airlaid Fusion Technology) and pressing. Its setup (as service provider) has made it necessary to include a highly integrated IT system to secure traceability, security and efficiency.

The team behind Convert has considerable experience of fibre analysis, process operation, airlaid technology, pressing and IT and is thus capable of guiding and supporting customers throughout the entire process.

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The CAFT technology used by Convert to process fibres has incredible potential. The machine can handle many kinds of fibres: from hemp, flax, feathers and tree to manmade fibres such as stone wool and textile.

  1. In cooperation with Convert, Really has developed boards for furniture and mats for acoustic insulation that are made from recycled textile.
  2. Working with Convert, AEROPOWDER has created the world’s first thermal packaging material made from surplus feathers. Pluumo matches the performance of polystyrene while being totally compostable.
  3. In cooperation with Convert and with help from a public fund, Zostera has developed insulation mats and roof ridges from seaweed.