Cycle Terre: excavated soil from urban areas becomes construction raw material

Cycle Terre
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Cycle Terre proposes a new model of town planning development, based on local resources. The aim of the project is to set up an industrial process to reuse soil extracted from the excavation sites of the new subway and other construction sites in Sevran, France.

The three kinds of materials which will be produced (bricks, clay panels, wall coating) will be used in construction sites in urban areas after receiving appropriate technical certification.

The significant innovation lies in creating an industrial process using extracted soil as raw material.

Main activity field
Main results

The expected results are:

  • avoiding dumping massive volumes of extracted soil, thus reducing all the associated costs (use of a large number of trucks, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions) in the Paris region,
  • significantly reducing carbon emissions and truck traffic, thus improving the living environment for inhabitants,
  • securing material availability,
  • promoting a low carbon urbanization and reversible buildings,
  • providing a large number of new jobs locally,
  • designing the industrial system to be easily duplicated and adapted to different sites in the Paris region and in other European cities.