DuCoop presents innovative solutions for heating, water and energy management for a new district in Ghent with 400+ dwellings

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The cooperative DuCoop invests in sustainable technologies for the Nieuwe Dokken, the new circular districts in Ghent. It provides systems for decentralised water sanitation with water re-use, 4th generation district heating and smart energy management. The company contributes to the climate ambitions of the city of Ghent, by closing the loops on water, energy and nutrients.

Residents will all be connected to the district heating. Up to one third of the heat for the district heating consist of recycling waste heat from waste water. Their system also collects and purifies the wastewater in the district.

Additionally, DuCoop processes kitchen waste and black water into biogas which is converted into heat. It also produces fertilizers for the green zones in the area.

Learn more about DuCoop’s work in this video.


Main results
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 70% (local production of PV, electric mobility, smart metering)
  • reduction of water consumption by at least 25% and reuse of over 90% of the sanitised waste water
  • thermic valorisation of organic waste (black water and kitchen waste)
  • thermic valorisation of waste heat in grey waste water
  • production of green furtilisers.