Elak Electronics sells online, but hasn't bought any packaging since 2017

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Elak is a family-run electronics store in Brussels which has adopted a circular approach to its e-commerce activities from the onset. When setting up its webshop, the owners immediately realised they were on course to receive and send a whole bunch of packaging. To reduce the amount thereof, a simple solution was found: re-use whatever packaging suppliers send their goods in.

Seeing that the shop stocks more than 20,000 items of all sizes, Elak has no need to purchase and store carton packaging in different formats. Whenever its supplies are insufficient, employees collect disposed carton from local supermarkets. 

Main results

Despite sending out 25 packages a day on average, Elak has not purchased a single carton in 2018 to send these goods, instead relying on its supplies and local supermarkets. Not only does this reduce the store's environmental impact and lower costs, clients also value the commitment to sustainable retail.