Espigoladors - food waste prevention and job creation for groups at risk of social exclusion

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Espigoladors (from Catalan "espigolar", "gleaner" in English) is a social enterprise focused on preventing food waste and empowering people prone to social exclusion. Its stated mission consists of tackling three core social challenges:

  1. developing a replicable and transferable model able to impact food waste reduction
  2. enhancing access to an adequate diet, and
  3. generating new opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion.

Accordingly, its practices consist of harvesting and collecting fruit and vegetables usually rejected by markets, through established agreements with farmers. As an outcome, 95% of the food is distributed to foodbanks, while the remaining 5% is used in the production of jams, creams, sauces and pâté.

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Main results

(25/3/2021 data)

  • 1222 tonnes of recovered food
  • 790 millions of litres of water saved
  • 875 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided
  • 3 869 869 food portions served
  • 109 farmers committed
  • 1367 awareness actions #idontwaste.