Fairmittlerei, supplying NGOs with industry's excess equipment and materials

Die Fairmittlerei
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Fairmittlerei (fair mediation, in German) works as a connection hub between NGOs and industries for the purchasing of excess non-food products in industries. The products can include office supplies, electronics, clothing, and furniture, from industry and trade companies to NGOs. They are usually bought for around 20-25% of the market price. Industry and trade can reduce their costs for the storage or destruction of usable surplus goods. By donating the respective products, they also generate social added value. In doing so, they strengthen their social and ecological commitment, which they can use for their annual reports and CSR activities.

This process reduces the destruction and waste of unused products. Fairmittlerei therefore closes the gap between the intention of donating surplus goods from industry and trade, and the actual passing on to non-profit organisations. It looks after a network of donor companies, takes, stores and manages their superimposed products, and mediates and delivers them to NGOs throughout Austria, thus creating a logistical and financial win-win situation for everyone involved - especially for the environment.

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  • 262 products currently available in the online catalogue, including clothing, electronics, furniture, hygiene products, etc.
  • Fair mediation offers a win-win scenario to NGOs, industries and society.
  • Significant impact on waste prevention.