Globe Hope: a pioneer in upcycled textiles since 2003

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Seija Lukkala

15 years ago Seija Lukkala believed that Finnish recycled textiles could be a timeless and durable design product. By the turn of the millennium, textiles were already consuming many natural resources as the culture of disposable goods had already extended to clothing and accessories. The idea of ​​reusing abandoned material was born, and in 2003 Globe Hope launched its first recycled clothing line at the Vateva Fair, made from recycled army and hospital materials.

The products of Globe Hope are fully sustainable, as they are made from leftover fabrics, leftover leather, work clothes, fair carpets, coffee packages, seat belts, old posters and other advertising materials from big events.

Globe Hope has already received many awards: Amnesty International chose Globe Hope as the Designer of the Year 2005, the Finnish Ministry of Culture accorded Globe Hope the Finland Award for Arts and Culture in 2006. In 2012, their products were branded with the Design From Finland label.

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All Globe Hope clothes, accessories and bags are upcycled from leftover materials.

The company produces locally in Finland and Estonia.

Globe Hope actively contributes to changing the perception consumers have of designer products, by advancing a circular business model where excess and waste materials are given a new life instead of being destroyed.