Interseroh provides reusable plastic boxes for fruit and vegetables sold at Aldi Süd stores

Jonathan Mast from unsplash
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German firm Interseroh provides its clients with recycling solutions for plastic packaging. As an example, it has developed a pooling system of reusable plastic boxes for fruit and vegetables sold at Aldi Süd, a German supermarket network. The core objective of the partnership is to make all Aldi Süd’s own-brand products recyclable by 2022.

Interseroh provides foldable boxes, which are used to transport fruit and vegetables from the producer to the Aldi Süd chain store and then to present the goods to customers. After use, the boxes are cleaned by Interseroh and returned to producers. The boxes are made of recycled materials, thereby contributing to waste reduction and saving energy and resources.

Furthermore, by rejecting single-use boxes, this system reduces production costs. In addition to Aldi Süd, Interseroh provides this packaging system to many other clients, with the same environmentally-friendly results.

Main results
  • The pooling system has replaced almost 300 million cardboard boxes so far
  • This approach makes the conservation and economical reuse of resources more efficient.