Lopyanko's project: from bombix mori to raw silk... and much more

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Lopyanko's Agri_Gaya'18 project aims at developing sustainable and circular exploitation of the bombix mori (silkworm) in Northern Bulgaria. Besides production of organic silk and other valuable byproducts, the project establishes protective forest belts of mulberry trees, an agroforestry model particularly well-suited to the Danube Region.

Lopyanko's products diversification from silk cocoons include:

  • Raw Silk – main production output is organic raw silk
  • Pupaе – Another substantial product that is disposed of as waste from production are pupae. Lopyanko's closed production cycle will create and produce protein powder from those waste material.
  • Sericin –  is a very valuable product for the cosmetic and medical industry all over the world
  • Biomass production – under a special technology, ready to be used for energy production sector
  • Food Supplement – made on the basis of pupae, 96% pure protein along with other natural substances that help to support the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and serve as an antioxidant and regulator of many vital processes for the human body.

This good practice is also featured on the circulary.eu platform

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The project combines sustainability, natural preservation and economic development goals. Its model is proposed to encourage agroforestry, family farming and industrial symbiosis (by supplying the feed and cosmetic industry) in the Danube Region.
Women in the rural areas are a valuable resource in this project: they are highly experienced in the sericulture activities and retain the history, knowledge and experience of raw silk production.