Mercato Circolare - a smartphone app searching for circular economy products, services and events

Mercato Circolare
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Mercato Circolare, a free-of-charge smartphone application created by an innovative start-up, can be used to search for circular economy products, services and events in Italy and elsewhere. It works as a platform and to date has around 400 activities among companies, products, events.

Mercato Circolare Srl Benefit is an innovative start-up that empowers people to be circular, especially with the help of digital technology. It organises workshops, events, shows (Blue revolution) and communication projects for different audiences. It also offers training opportunities, develops matching opportunities between companies and offers its clients a wealth of relationships and knowledge for the creation of networking strategies essential for business development in the field of circular economy.

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Main results

The social impact of Mercato Circolare - in addition to the creation of jobs - is threefold:

  1. dissemination of the circular economy as a paradigm of production and distribution oriented towards sustainability;
  2. involvement of the public and support for the development of more sustainable habits and lifestyles and
  3. stimulation of research and innovation activities, involving companies, universities, research centres and public actors.