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MIWA: a closed-circuit packaging loop

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Czech Republic, EU

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Technopolis Group
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Packaging circular enough to make you dizzy

MIWA designs and produces genuinely circular packaging for the whole supply chain. It supplies brand owners/producers with smart capsules and retailers with smart dispensers using the service as a product model. The capsules are filled and sealed by the producer and sent on to the shops which install them. Once emptied, they are cleaned and redistributed and the loop starts again. At the end of their life, the system parts are recycled and the material is reused. The system’s smart elements provide supply-chain stakeholders with data which they can use for logistics and sales.

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  • MIWA’s system has a 71% lower environmental impact than single-use systems, based on calculations using Life Cycle Analysis, a method which quantifies the environmental impact of a product
  • A fully integrated supply chain based on reuse.