Red Orka: a baby romper revolution

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Fact of life: babies grow quickly. This means they get through clothes at the rate of knots.

Red Orka is a family firm: it began in 1957 as Sanetta, manufacturing baby clothes. The company is now going circular: for a monthly subscription, you will receive high-quality, perfectly hygienic re-used baby rompers. You specify the size you want, then you return the items once your baby has performed its magic trick and got bigger.

Red Orka's rompers are good quality and made of natural materials.

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  • Red Orka rompers can be used by at least six babies.
  • This will save up to 5400 litres of water per customer and 48% CO2.
  • Red Orka went live in April 2021 and is looking for recycling companies and partners willing to jump on the romper renting model in Belgium.